* All prices are tax included.
The first 90 minutes of each course / 15,000 yen
Made-to-order plan first 90 minutes / 22,000 yen

Make-up re-, including the time for changing clothes,
Reservations are made in a two-hour period for each person.
Please make a reservation at least 5 days in advance.
(You can't make a reservation on the day.)
Cancellations and time changes are made up to 6:00 p.m., 5 days prior to the reservation date.
(Cancellation fee is 100% from 5 days prior to the reservation date.)

A completely made-to-order plan.
It is a plan to perform according to the customer's needs, such as making small faces and beles, distortion, stiffness, physical condition improvement, etc.

Face, pelvis, knees skeleton distortion and necking, performs a main treatment such as hip, leads to the beautiful style.

Nice posture by trunk base and remove the stiffening of the muscles, such as treatment, flexible body and less easy to maintain.
As more on the functions of internal organs, improve treatment of your body, head and abdomen, skin, sleeping, constipation, menstrual pain better, firmer set up improvement and autonomic nervous system, enhance the anti-aging effect.

It is usually a treatment from the top of clothes. If you want to get more effect, we will treat your skin directly as shown in the photo, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

It is not a treatment of the esthetic system.(Depending on the condition of the body, after consultation, there is a case of treatment of shiatsu only)

It is a ticket of five times. Recommended for those who want to make a habit of cleanness and health from the core of the body, not once or twice. It's a 15,000 yen deal than receiving a regular plan five times.

Each time, you can choose each plan.
(Expiration date):Up to 4 months from the date of purchase
Please note that refunds cannot be made after purchase.
Ticket for five times of tailor-made plan treatment. It is a good deal of 15,000 yen than receiving a regular made-to-order plan five times.

(Expiration date):Up to 4 months from the date of purchase
Please note that refunds cannot be made after purchase.

When treating the face, neck, arms and legs with beauty equipment, please let us know if you do not want to touch the skin directly. Other parts will be treated from the top of the clothes.

At the time of small face and lift-up treatment, there is a case to use such as cluster water in some cases, but there is a case where some makeup falls off. I'll ask you every time, so please let me know if you want to use it.

Introduction to equipment