Representative & Crusher

And means "shining" in Latin, and Claire, along with the care of the English, sparkling guests like the body to pick up thank you want to. It is a coined term and wish.

From skeletal beauty! From muscle beauty! From the visceral beauty!
In the body of your beauty revolution, will you give sparkle and excitement to life!


11Born in August 6,
Tokyo born o

Thailand Thai massage therapist, reflexologist, beauty designer and Crusher

Disorder of the autonomic nervous system and musculoskeletal strain, such as improve ill and passed the American residents at the hospital in beauty manipulative and encounter impressed. He studied under the charismatic Crusher into manipulative industry after returning home, and many famous shops and God called.



-Japan International chiropractic medicine
Bodywork & reflexology-Thailand Thai massage, whole process completed

-Size beauty Academy
Beauty Designer course
-Opened beauty manipulative Salon Claire style in Tokyo Minato-ku Aoyama