Bear rid of eyes! Massage yourself

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About the bear can do today under the eyes

Two months after again this year! It would increase from this lot drinking and dating events to go, but work is at the end of last spurt for(Be: ')No

But the bears came up, tired out by drinking and dating before the trouble! Many people said.

To begin with and bear happens caused by poor circulation, eye fatigue, lack of sleep, collagen deficiency, such as(;° Д °)

We will introduce the bear RID massage!

1: your index finger and middle finger in shed at the temples, focusing on their foreheads. Draw eyebrows on firmly.

2: press to jiwaatto because there near the middle of the eyebrow.

3: with your index finger on the trace the eyes on the eyelids and eye bone in the shed.

4: also trace the eyes when the bones of the lower eyelid and eyeball under the shed.

Tracing system without power light to go skim is(^^ Isuzu

Please try!

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