Firmer improving massage

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara(^^)

For today's men and women with problems often "firmer" improving massage.(́ε ' )

First of all... As a unified body beautiful as mechanism by massaging the unavoidable waste is eliminated.

Massaging the area for the time being, hungry hands. For better blood circulation gradually chill also improved from the body!

So I immediately firmer let's improve the massage. The trick is the following three.

(1) packed in the whole Palm

The bleeding would stimulate the surface only to pinch the whole Palm to use.

It is difficult to grasp the front and back of the thighs, butt, fat and large surface to massage as pushing fat, using the palms of your hands and nice!

By the way, the entire Palm even effect is(Be: ')No

(2) grabbing the fat and return the

The partial knee on the belly and fat, easy-to-grab, grab the fat with the thumb and the other 4 fingers get bothered to return with your thumb.

It seems fat to twist image. Feeling knead pizzas and noodle()

* Note

(1): sliding and rubbing the skin is easily scratched paint, cream and even better, is easy to do.

(2): not too strong, not too weak itâ much better feeling pressure is the best! It is made on the image in the center of the body and good!

How about?

Please try!

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