Headaches, Dizzy better scalp massage

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara(^^)

It has gotten very cold! I think next month is the end this year, but toward the end of the year work is driving people?!

Therefore, we introduce head massage(Be: ')

It is from human thinking and which muscles in his head or closed and tugged, and poor blood flow, causing headache, dizziness, etc!

Scalp massage!

To promote the flow of blood in arrears, the massage is very effective ♪ can transport nutrients to stimulate the blood circulation and is very recommended to hair loss prevention.

(1) from the top of the forehead to the back of the head acupressure

From the edge of the forehead and hairline to the top of the head from the top of the head and Shiatsu finger of both hands toward the edge of the neck and head, while we bled. I have an image to put hair!

By this time, a little soreness feels good about, press. Relieves the muscles loosen up massage and Shiatsu the whole head, with hardened.

(2) pressure behind the ear

While part of the back of the ear and acupressure with finger a little soreness feels good about rub up and down. Last side head above the ears, pulling at an angle.

How about??
By relaxing the muscles of the head, headaches and dizziness can, of course, alleviating stress!

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