Aim for the asses!

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style boy designer Fujiwara(^^)

Friend gave birth recently, so this beautiful butt & production after care massage I will introduce.

♦ release the pelvic area! It's in the asses!?

Back pain, neck and shoulder tension cause tired butt around with surprising or even if it is a lot of you know?

"Gluteus medius muscle stiffness" is also said that the root of the pain. Both sides of the muscles and gluteus medius muscles "outside spread the legs" when over from the base of the legs to the hips.

Have trained in moderation is important between pelvic and hip muscles, loosen up tightly and cause hanging butt and distortion(^^;)

So become warped and fixate the gluteus medius muscle and lean the pelvis, so West and hip size is bigger now!

From poor blood circulation, resulting from the distortion of his private life and postpartum swelling around his waist so to disturb, cause of tiredness.

Make a fist and press the gluteus medius muscle area. Or I put on weight while rolling on the floor addressed to the gluteus medius muscle, tennis balls, golf balls, and it was extremely painful.

And tired gluteus medius muscle it just wont relax before sleeping area easily absorbed, so let's start!

The effect is distortion of the tiredness of lower back pain, hip pain, post-partum, swelling, etc.!

1... Press along the line of the image between hip and sacrum (a triangle in the center of the pelvic bone). Slowly press the gluteus medius and gluteus maximus muscles.

This strength is itâ feels good about is the best!
How was it? Please indicate how effect is either push even lying on the floor with his fist or fingertips, loosen up in a ball.

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Bath beauty habits

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara

And it was cold today!
Do you Dear it friends, good daily bath included?
Healthy and get into the bath and shower as well in the beauty we recommend that you want.

Thing before on ameba on the bath we have
Because it had a little free time, once again introduce

★ bath base, every day

I think it's almost into the bath because it is winter now, but
Basically find tight bathing even in summer! It is hot in summer, so you know I don't just shower

★ setting the temperature a little lower

The nerves and relaxes 39-40 ° C and is said
Are there no good too hot or lose strength to reverse and reverse skin is prone to dryness or nobosetari

★ If you want a relaxing stop bath

Unless the Detox, sitz baths, such as the purpose, avoid long baths.
Basically the relaxing effect is 15-20 minutes or so it is said

How about?

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Headaches, Dizzy better scalp massage

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara(^^)

It has gotten very cold! I think next month is the end this year, but toward the end of the year work is driving people?!

Therefore, we introduce head massage(Be: ')No

It is from human thinking and which muscles in his head or closed and tugged, and poor blood flow, causing headache, dizziness, etc!

Scalp massage!

To promote the flow of blood in arrears, the massage is very effective ♪ can transport nutrients to stimulate the blood circulation and is very recommended to hair loss prevention.

(1) from the top of the forehead to the back of the head acupressure

From the edge of the forehead and hairline to the top of the head from the top of the head and Shiatsu finger of both hands toward the edge of the neck and head, while we bled. I have an image to put hair!

By this time, a little soreness feels good about, press. Relieves the muscles loosen up massage and Shiatsu the whole head, with hardened.

(2) pressure behind the ear

While part of the back of the ear and acupressure with finger a little soreness feels good about rub up and down. Last side head above the ears, pulling at an angle.

How about??
By relaxing the muscles of the head, headaches and dizziness can, of course, alleviating stress!

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Firmer improving massage

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara(^^)

For today's men and women with problems often "firmer" improving massage.(́ε ' )

First of all... As a unified body beautiful as mechanism by massaging the unavoidable waste is eliminated.

Massaging the area for the time being, hungry hands. For better blood circulation gradually chill also improved from the body!

So I immediately firmer let's improve the massage. The trick is the following three.

(1) packed in the whole Palm

The bleeding would stimulate the surface only to pinch the whole Palm to use.

It is difficult to grasp the front and back of the thighs, butt, fat and large surface to massage as pushing fat, using the palms of your hands and nice!

By the way, the entire Palm even effect is(Be: ')No

(2) grabbing the fat and return the

The partial knee on the belly and fat, easy-to-grab, grab the fat with the thumb and the other 4 fingers get bothered to return with your thumb.

It seems fat to twist image. Feeling knead pizzas and noodle()

* Note

(1): sliding and rubbing the skin is easily scratched paint, cream and even better, is easy to do.

(2): not too strong, not too weak itâ much better feeling pressure is the best! It is made on the image in the center of the body and good!

How about?

Please try!

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Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara(^^)

Gradually it is getting cold! In bath, stretching, warm body.

Now, in the matter, did the other day birthday!

32It is a year old! Is not especially profound, often smile more than a year to one year, also try our brighter!

Fortunately, until dawn every day in many places birthday party is this weekend()

By the way, the physical contact of this happiness, friends, family and active to serotonin, a hormone! So-called happiness hormone.

Even if this serotonin is something of a happy felt like, there are many nice effects, such as skin.

Take a look at our good friends, family, pets, such as sushi, phone and email, not talk directly, please try skinship.!

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Bear rid of eyes! Massage yourself

Beauty Health Salon Claire style representative body designer Fujiwara is!

About the bear can do today under the eyes

Two months after again this year! It would increase from this lot drinking and dating events to go, but work is at the end of last spurt for(Be: ')No

But the bears came up, tired out by drinking and dating before the trouble! Many people said.

To begin with and bear happens caused by poor circulation, eye fatigue, lack of sleep, collagen deficiency, such as(;° Д °)

We will introduce the bear RID massage!

1: your index finger and middle finger in shed at the temples, focusing on their foreheads. Draw eyebrows on firmly.

2: press to jiwaatto because there near the middle of the eyebrow.

3: with your index finger on the trace the eyes on the eyelids and eye bone in the shed.

4: also trace the eyes when the bones of the lower eyelid and eyeball under the shed.

Tracing system without power light to go skim is(^^ Isuzu

Please try!

Reservations from the official home page thank you! Please feel free to contact us please!

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