Merry Christmas.

It is Fujiwara of the beauty manipulator salon Clare style representative.(^^)

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It's Christmas Eve♪

How are you all doing??

I think that there are a lot of people who spend a sweet time with the family, the friend, and the lover!

Of course, one of you.(^^;)
I was with my family.

At this time of year, the whole town is illuminated and sparkling... There are a lot of scenery which is enchanted, too♪

Even if i look at someone, i'm close to being alone, so I went to see it quickly. This 'enchanting' thing, i think it's beautiful is also one of the beauty(^o^;

It is filled with feelings, but the happiness hormone "Serotonin" is secreted by being enchanted.

Then, the skin quality becomes better than usual, the relaxing effect comes out, and various good things happen.(^^)

Above all, it looks shining whether there is room in the mind♪

In that, please try to be beautiful and impressed both Christmas and new year's holidays!

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