Wound appearance beauty vigor & bust-up with RID stretch!

Is beauty manipulative Salon Chair style representative / body designer Fujiwara(^^)

I was stuck on my blog!

Now, is the topic this time winding shoulders!

Is breast side on my shoulder and winding shoulder simply state things! Especially near the stoop.(^^;)

Standing arm forces roll back comes ago the Buran program and shoulders.

Causes of shoulder rolls

Anatomical structure (1)

A twisting inside the shoulder and the arm, first in and says.

Twist the rotators inside outside twist out, moving the arm and shoulder muscles in rotators who have advantages.

When defending the body arm as much as possible to the center of the body close body the rounds it.

Other words, it is easier to close than open arms makes it easy to enter the force ready. This muscle to even the shoulder has easy twist inside the structure(^^;)

(2) daily life behavior and attitude

There are many actions in the State in everyday life, arms twisted behind.
There are many sedentary people under arms and shoulders twisted inside at all times.
Prone to roll shoulder away and how biased is often behaved like this around the House,(;° Д °)

Tend to push to further cold weather just shrugged my shoulders, hunched posture.
This approach will be rolled shoulder cause!

Also always lying in the landscape. Shoulders are turned down, oppressed by the weight of the body and easy to twist on the inside!

Effect on the body by winding shoulder

Shoulder rolls and body has any influence?

And bad posture, but of course, will be prone to the stoop. In bad posture that comes out of shoulder and neck stiffness.

Body metabolism even worse happen to skinny and poor circulation also becomes easy to.

Adverse effects of beauty. And runs out of the flexibility of the pectoralis major muscle by winding shoulder rotators in the arms in to bust Hari no longer been hanging will be.

☆ You can do yourself! Easy roll straightening stretch

Pectoralis major muscle stretching

(1) wall come with the Palm of your hand.

(2) we will defeat the body ago. This allows you to stretch chest muscles.
Keep the feel good in 20 seconds. Left and right three times.

Pectoralis major muscle on the arm from the chest, shoulder to shoulder in and turning to muscles also.

So often rolled shoulder if you are so nervous a pectoralis major muscle to stretch firmly, keep you flexible. Bust-up effect can be expected.

Press the bottom of the clavicle when the tough people do it thoroughly!

Attitude also became a good standing, if a woman can be expected also bust-up & beautiful breasts!

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