Perfect season for respiration method

It is Fujiwara of the beauty manipulator salon Clare style representative.(^-^)

Recently at last just a little bit it is getting warmer! I am glad.()
Spring is what is already there?()

The autonomic nerve is disturbed, and the stomach is stretched at the turn of such a season.

In that, I will introduce the breathing method which is effective for the relaxing effect, the tension of the stomach, and the abdominal muscles♪

☆ Draw-in

①:First of all, breathe in through the nose as much as you want. Let's get hungry at this time! Let's smoke slowly as long as possible when i smoke!

②:I exhale the breath from my mouth for a long time, like saying "huh", not 'fu~'. At this time, the stomach is dented as much as possible.

How is it? I think i'll be pretty tired.()

Why is it not 'huh', but "huh",, and ah- is a warm breath, isn't it? It has the same effect of warming the body and setting up autonomic nerves. We also recommend ah for yoga!

It sucks and vomits as one time, and one set in five times. If you want to make it work on your abs, please go about two or three sets! It works pretty well on the abs♪

How was it?
This breathing method stimulates the parasympathetic nerve, relaxes, and the stomach which is stretched with pressure etc.(Stress)will also be prepared.

You can do it anywhere and anytime, so please go ♪

Fuji's straw(^-^)