Straight neck diagnostic & method

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Refers to the straight neck and curvature of the cervical spine in the neck and a head that extend in front of the spine.

Neck straightened out and being out in front, because of shoulder and neck pain, headaches or arm and finger numbness.

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Alone there is no one cause to say, so I will tell only the right attitude!

First, pelvic width spread legs and attitude. With firm confidence, etc. and the scapula shelter near. So the Board is back.

Listening beneath the head and spine of the neck in "this! ' and find the bones out.

This bone is cervical "seventh".
Many people have stretched neck before, from here!

But, originally from three lower spine is the root of the neck.

Po this out as the cervical vertebra 7 th from 3 down explores the fingers. See the image below for further details.

This bone is the "third" of the thoracic spine
You must lift the neck from this bone!

Lift the neck greatly from this bone, put a finger to the third thoracic vertebra. It is OK if you can feel the movement of the third thoracic vertebrae bones with your fingers.(о ́∀'о)

Lifted neck if you can't feel the movement of the bones with your fingers, put a finger to the Chin, let straight line of ear and shoulder and slide back.

Let's enforce the behavior on the move again from the first thoracic vertebra 3.

Are there more straight neck is not lifted from the third thoracic vertebrae neck.

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Under always comes ago the neck range of motion of the scapula around is bad, stiff neck or neck stiffness increases, because if so, you can usually watch out like you'd find!

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