Stretches & exercises for legs

Is beauty manipulative Salon Claire style of Aoyama 1-Chome representative / body designer Fujiwara(^-^)

Today we talk about the legs.

Even when I think the legs and diet's unusual is the presence of the calf.(^-^)/

The calves tight and legs became synonymous with the presence! Do you know toe has been in making the calf?

Tiptoe so that... Tiptoe!?
Right! That the toe is()

To the role of calves can be compared "body pump". It is also called as the heart of the second.

Is sent to every corner of the body from the heart blood away from the heart, and from the heart is beneath the feet also not returned the blood against gravity, so pumping function of this Sura is very important reasons.(^_^;)

Condition of the legs. That is...

Tight ankle & calf, knee on to it, not on meat that is(° Д °)(I omitted the skeleton.)

You can't use the whole body to toe is a easy-to-understand and actually try standing on your toes, but to maintain posture.

Toe itself becomes a lower body workout that is!

The effect still

• Trunk or strengthening calf muscles increased.
And, as did aerobic exercise, body more oxygen will be included
-Trunk is strengthened by the flow of blood and lymph improves the metabolism increase

To be!

Right toe.

-Tread ground firmly with your thumb
-Ki(Navel bottom 3 fingers around)Stand with the center of the body and mind
Support with the entire body, as well as the calves
-Keep straight the heels, knees, buttocks


Incidentally, after care of your legs steady.

And sitting on the floor before the leg, to
, From groin to toe rub, tap
And his feet only a half step calf stretch

How about??
Do not see aim legs out now for the summer?

Always tiptoe like a ballerina. The toe is effect is quite difficult, so please try!

Delicate, straight, and strong legs.

Fuji's straw(^-^)