Acupoint pressing in on the happy faces!

It is Fujiwara of the beauty manipulator salon Clare style representative.(^-^)

These days, there are a lot of drinking parties, and there are a lot of tired faces because there are various things such as the term of term, employment, transfer, graduation, etc. in the season of March.(^_^;)

In that, i will introduce the point of the face that works on the tired face this time♪

The pressure point can not be made foolish unexpectedly, and it works considerably only because it was used for a long time in Oriental medicine.

If it is a woman pushing a point, it is beautiful, and if it is a man, it is a face that is sharp.(^^ Isuzu

★ first, let's self-diagnose what your face looks like♪

❶ swelling of one's face
I think everyone has had a face bite due to poor blood circulation, drinking, fatigue, etc. When you swell, your face line collapses, and your eyes look small.

❷ They have a generally poor complexion
The complexion tends to become bad on the day when sleep shortage and the morning when drinking too much. The rate of being worried about the physical condition from the people around them is also high.

❸ Your skin is dry ingcapi
The turn of the season from summer to autumn makes it easy for the skin to dry out. At this time of year when the skin is swaying, thorough moisturizing is the mast.

❹ Bear under the eye
Speaking of the representative case of tired face, "bear"
Whether or not you can hide the bear well, you can recover well.

❺ dullness of the eyelids
Because the skin is thin, the eyelid is the part which tends to pigmentation even with some friction. When it is dull, the tone up of the eyes is essential.

❻ Lip is a gassa
Even if you are careful about skin care, many people neglect to take care of their lips. Be careful not only to get tired, but also to have a filthy impression.

★ how it covers your tired face

❶ Dealing with swelling of the face with a pressure press
Even if the face is edema in the pan pan when it wakes up, if the face point which is effective for the blood flow promotion is stimulated, the waste product begins to flow smoothly.

Please refer to it because i put the position of the jar.(^-^)

Take good care of your face and be a crisp face♪

Fuji's straw(^-^)

Stretches & exercises for legs

Is beauty manipulative Salon Claire style of Aoyama 1-Chome representative / body designer Fujiwara(^-^)

Today we talk about the legs.

Even when I think the legs and diet's unusual is the presence of the calf.(^-^)/

The calves tight and legs became synonymous with the presence! Do you know toe has been in making the calf?

Tiptoe so that... Tiptoe!?
Right! That the toe is()

To the role of calves can be compared "body pump". It is also called as the heart of the second.

Is sent to every corner of the body from the heart blood away from the heart, and from the heart is beneath the feet also not returned the blood against gravity, so pumping function of this Sura is very important reasons.(^_^;)

Condition of the legs. That is...

Tight ankle & calf, knee on to it, not on meat that is(° Д °)(I omitted the skeleton.)

You can't use the whole body to toe is a easy-to-understand and actually try standing on your toes, but to maintain posture.

Toe itself becomes a lower body workout that is!

The effect still

• Trunk or strengthening calf muscles increased.
And, as did aerobic exercise, body more oxygen will be included
-Trunk is strengthened by the flow of blood and lymph improves the metabolism increase

To be!

Right toe.

-Tread ground firmly with your thumb
-Ki(Navel bottom 3 fingers around)Stand with the center of the body and mind
Support with the entire body, as well as the calves
-Keep straight the heels, knees, buttocks

It is!

Incidentally, after care of your legs steady.

And sitting on the floor before the leg, to
, From groin to toe rub, tap
And his feet only a half step calf stretch

How about??
Do not see aim legs out now for the summer?

Always tiptoe like a ballerina. The toe is effect is quite difficult, so please try!

Delicate, straight, and strong legs.

Fuji's straw(^-^)

Straight neck diagnostic & method

Is representative of manipulative Salon Claire style body designer Fujiwara(^-^)

Look at all I'm SMH more people earlier, sitting in the train, I thought! Smartphone in addition to PC every day will be better and more detailed work by hand in many "straight neck'

So I think I mean, like all the people in there, that attitude is a much better(I'm sorry.;)

Refers to the straight neck and curvature of the cervical spine in the neck and a head that extend in front of the spine.

Neck straightened out and being out in front, because of shoulder and neck pain, headaches or arm and finger numbness.

Prior to that, looks in pretty bad!(^_^;)

Alone there is no one cause to say, so I will tell only the right attitude!

First, pelvic width spread legs and attitude. With firm confidence, etc. and the scapula shelter near. So the Board is back.

Listening beneath the head and spine of the neck in "this! ' and find the bones out.

This bone is cervical "seventh".
Many people have stretched neck before, from here!

But, originally from three lower spine is the root of the neck.

Po this out as the cervical vertebra 7 th from 3 down explores the fingers. See the image below for further details.

This bone is the "third" of the thoracic spine
You must lift the neck from this bone!

Lift the neck greatly from this bone, put a finger to the third thoracic vertebra. It is OK if you can feel the movement of the third thoracic vertebrae bones with your fingers.(о ́∀'о)

Lifted neck if you can't feel the movement of the bones with your fingers, put a finger to the Chin, let straight line of ear and shoulder and slide back.

Let's enforce the behavior on the move again from the first thoracic vertebra 3.

Are there more straight neck is not lifted from the third thoracic vertebrae neck.

I mean, 1〜3In between hard, isn't it?(° Д °)

First of all ways of overcoming the habit, but we don't look at our salon to()And forces you to relax in our salon can also introduce the adjustment exercise movement and to improve the ♪ ♪

Under always comes ago the neck range of motion of the scapula around is bad, stiff neck or neck stiffness increases, because if so, you can usually watch out like you'd find!

Fuji's straw(^-^)