Beautiful butt makeup & pelvis correction stretch

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara(^^)

Cherry blossoms petals started and finally warm warm gay has become.

Walking a little bit 汗banndari, the dress has faded!
It'll become more exposed body.

And so the "bottom" line comes to mind who is a must see Σ(° Д °)

Lecture constricted-making & pelvis correction stretch can do easily at home.
Please try it with self-care!

1st "beauty butt makeup thigh slimmer.
And write the whole thing quite long because the method A-C into the article, so let's every day!

The thing that this is A(^^)

★ method A [six-way twist]

①:In the Middle, upper back and forth hand up and down leg side to side dropped shoulder hand.

②:Vector images, while nejirimashou slowly. Below was the transparent belly. A little butt sticking out glorifying it so I feel and beautiful butt effect.

(3):Each go the opposite direction. By this movement in a respectful manner, will have a distortion on the left and right.

Like this!
Turn too fast and dangerous, so slowly down I've got to be vigilant of the belly!

* Stop have discomfort in the lower back.
Does not force(^-^)/

How about?
Next time I would like to introduce the method B, so please look forward to!

Fuji's straw(^^)