GW also book forward.

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara(^^)

It's all sunny in early summer♪
I love summer overwhelmingly, so I'm already ukiuki.()
Wash man is no way(^_^;)

Well, it is Golden Week,
Clare Style is "normally open!!!

It's been a long time since i've had a long holiday.

★ want to reward myself.
★ want to get tired.
I want to refresh ★.
★ want to improve my life
★'d like to take a lot of tension.
I want to cure ★ distortion.
★ want to get a good night's sleep.
★ want to be a small face.
★ want to be flexible
★ want to make a draw.
★ want to clean the shoulder blades and make angel wings.
★ want to be beautiful posture, beautiful ass, and beautiful legs

For such beauty and health concerns

With special cosmetic equipment and original manipulative surgery

"Trunk", "Center of Gravity", "Improvement of Neurotransmission"

The main three that will be the foundation of the body that

Tailoring to your needs

I will operate it in order to order! !

We are planning to have a campaign soon, so we're looking forward to it♪

Fuji's straw(^^)