Back pain, neck making stretch

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara(^^)

Sunny or rainy, rainy season is disgusting.(^^ Isuzu

Many people suffer low back pain and stomach linings under the influence of the low pressure this time of year!

I also model's treatment by giving customers good stretching, but my back is aching and the stress was messed up in the aftermath of the cyclone(^_^;)

That the introduction of low back pain, neck stretch.

★ in his stomach twist

(1) face down in both overlaid with elbow 90 ° bending palms that put a value on.
(2) with feet shoulder-width apart and straightened up the toes up behind.
(3) this left and right each four times after the knees bent, as do left and right each four times.

Left and right each 4 times
Stretch one leg behind you to

Left and right each 4 times
Bend the knee in addition

★ pelvic and hip stretch

(1) lifts per floor, put forward the other knee. Knee angle is 90 degrees.

(2) with hands on hips, before the knee while on the weight, stretch leg back base.

(3) remain stretched the spine and pelvis the front direction. Be careful lean the upper body back and forth.

How about?

Effect of the ondoy is surprisingly taken. May cause low back pain, especially disturbed stomach pressure, so please care fully.

Fuji's straw(^^)