Published in women's magazines!

Beauty Health Salon Claire is a style representative / Crusher Fujiwara(^^ Isuzu

It's been a while!

Well, it became late, but our salon
August issue of Domani, a women's magazine released from Shogakukan(This month's issue)Was published in♪

It should be announced at the same time as the original release, but there is a problem with the system(^_^;)

We are also preparing a gorgeous present for 18 people who come first, "I saw Domani", so we are looking forward to seeing you!

It is OK to ask you to actually look at the image above in this blog.
There is still a present, so don't worry.()

Whether you are by phone or email, please feel free to contact us!

※There is a possibility that it is not possible to answer the telephone, such as during the treatment, but i will reply by all means.

We look forward to your reservation!

Fuji's straw(о ́∀'о)