Thank you for the year.

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara(^-^)/

I had yesterday, and ended the business by the end of the year.

From next year, I'd like to update my blog as much as I can!

* And one report!

Up until now, i have been open in Aoyama 1-chome, but in the future, i'm also renting a salon to Hanzomon, so i will guide you to hanzomon salon depending on the congestion situation of the salon, thank you

New Year's day is open from the 7th.
We can already make a reservation in January!

We will reply as usual to the e-mail of the reservation, so please contact us without worrying about it.

Next year, I will operate with all my heart more than ever!
Thank you again next year.(^-^ Isuzu

Claire-style salon, manipulative beauty
Representative/ Body Designer Fujiwara



It is Fujiwara of clare style.

We will inform you about the new year's business.

New Year's Day:1/7(moon)From

We will be.

We have started making new year's reservations.
I hope you can contact us!

You can use this salon again this year,
Thank you very much!
Thank you again next year!

The blog will resume the update.

Claire style

Published in women's magazines!

Beauty Health Salon Claire is a style representative / Crusher Fujiwara(^^ Isuzu

It's been a while!

Well, it became late, but our salon
August issue of Domani, a women's magazine released from Shogakukan(This month's issue)Was published in♪

It should be announced at the same time as the original release, but there is a problem with the system(^_^;)

We are also preparing a gorgeous present for 18 people who come first, "I saw Domani", so we are looking forward to seeing you!

It is OK to ask you to actually look at the image above in this blog.
There is still a present, so don't worry.()

Whether you are by phone or email, please feel free to contact us!

※There is a possibility that it is not possible to answer the telephone, such as during the treatment, but i will reply by all means.

We look forward to your reservation!

Fuji's straw(о ́∀'о)

Back pain, neck making stretch

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara(^^)

Sunny or rainy, rainy season is disgusting.(^^ Isuzu

Many people suffer low back pain and stomach linings under the influence of the low pressure this time of year!

I also model's treatment by giving customers good stretching, but my back is aching and the stress was messed up in the aftermath of the cyclone(^_^;)

That the introduction of low back pain, neck stretch.

★ in his stomach twist

(1) face down in both overlaid with elbow 90 ° bending palms that put a value on.
(2) with feet shoulder-width apart and straightened up the toes up behind.
(3) this left and right each four times after the knees bent, as do left and right each four times.

Left and right each 4 times
Stretch one leg behind you to

Left and right each 4 times
Bend the knee in addition

★ pelvic and hip stretch

(1) lifts per floor, put forward the other knee. Knee angle is 90 degrees.

(2) with hands on hips, before the knee while on the weight, stretch leg back base.

(3) remain stretched the spine and pelvis the front direction. Be careful lean the upper body back and forth.

How about?

Effect of the ondoy is surprisingly taken. May cause low back pain, especially disturbed stomach pressure, so please care fully.

Fuji's straw(^^)

The campaign for mother's day!

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara(^^)

How are you doing gw?
I'm worried because the weather seems to be going down a little from today.(^_^;)

Alright, it is suddenly ...
"Mother's Day Campaign"

5/6 period(sun)-5/20(sun)

90Min / ¥ 10000(35%OFF)

Mother, mother's stay will have the referral, I'm trying to become a mother(о ́∀'о)

"The Mother of the Society", "The Creator of the Company"
It's ok to be anybody.()

Those who want to be good to their parents as a daily thank you
Those who are working child care
The one who is playing mommy to become a mama

Please come by all means, etc♪.

Fuji's straw(^^)

GW also book forward.

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara(^^)

It's all sunny in early summer♪
I love summer overwhelmingly, so I'm already ukiuki.()
Wash man is no way(^_^;)

Well, it is Golden Week,
Clare Style is "normally open!!!

It's been a long time since i've had a long holiday.

★ want to reward myself.
★ want to get tired.
I want to refresh ★.
★ want to improve my life
★'d like to take a lot of tension.
I want to cure ★ distortion.
★ want to get a good night's sleep.
★ want to be a small face.
★ want to be flexible
★ want to make a draw.
★ want to clean the shoulder blades and make angel wings.
★ want to be beautiful posture, beautiful ass, and beautiful legs

For such beauty and health concerns

With special cosmetic equipment and original manipulative surgery

"Trunk", "Center of Gravity", "Improvement of Neurotransmission"

The main three that will be the foundation of the body that

Tailoring to your needs

I will operate it in order to order! !

We are planning to have a campaign soon, so we're looking forward to it♪

Fuji's straw(^^)

Beautiful butt makeup & pelvis correction stretch: part (3)

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara(^^)

The day before yesterday was yesterday and the weather is today warm cheerful and Nice.
Just like summer!(о ́∀'о)

Now, in this beautiful butt makeup & pelvis correction stretch method C! This is the last time!

By stretching, flexibility in include injury prevention, but stretch diet effects raise important elements there are!

Everyone, or will go stretch last and previous posts, we have introduced methods A and B?

I tried it-! Once-on! At all! And anyway I'm doing, but I've heard many people are not used to stretch from the usual, Let's now try 1.

Well time remembered is not used to stretch than anything from the beginning to the disgusting soon, so on a whim good so please try and relax(^^ Isuzu

First of all, is the first step!
"Try it out" thing is very important.(^-^)/

Then we will introduce the method c!

★ method C [butt Furi Furi Company C Carl]

(1): on elbows and knees, your hips a little projects. Is a guy that called all fours!

(2): ass down slowly to the left or right. Are familiar with them, as much as possible, at a slow pace as the angle carefully and slowly toward the floor edge moving heavily let!

Like left and right!

Spine down to left and right, up the muscles in the West. Activate the left five round trips(о ́∀'о)

Twist of course to the West, so links to the waist making the US letting go than on your butt!

* Stop have discomfort or pain in the lower back!

How was it??

Is it also divided into three times in this stretch. Would have three, some difficulty is "firmly growing up-' and I feel is most important!

Stretch your hips a lot, so this also chirahora to introduce go! Please go take a look at it!

Fuji's straw(^^)

Beautiful butt makeup & pelvis correction stretch: (part2)

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara(^-^)

It is spring now complete!
This is going to be hot on the other hand I guess?

The last time is still stretch of beautiful butts make about us!

Method B is! Please try doing with method A described in the previous article.

Method B is stretching the muscle training.
Tighten & loosen so work your butt and West aware we try!

♦ method B [helicopter twist]

(1): from a sitting posture with shoulders hand on the floor behind, stretching diagonally on the opposite hand, nejirimashou. In the floor you push 丸maranai hips to keep!

(2): breathe while 凹mase my stomach twisted in firmly. Breath, upper hand, breathing out, hands down. Repeat this for 3 sets.

(3): do the reverse side as well.

Left and right one set x 3-5 set.

Power press the floor ★ hands in a degree as an adjunct to 丸maranai the waist for support. Main theme is power hungry(^^ Isuzu

Like this

(4): Let's keep the hands "clear, 1.2, only in the belly of waist 丸maranai way.

★ constriction and the effect is points are not rounded hips.

* Please don't feed waist and back pain, felt bad(^_^;)

We got hand hard to float, is OK!

Muscle training is important, but loose muscles and a long-awaited training effectively does not work!
What a waste!(^_^;)

Look at loosening the muscles, asses, and West to pick up better!!

Fuji's straw(^-^)

Beautiful butt makeup & pelvis correction stretch

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara(^^)

Cherry blossoms petals started and finally warm warm gay has become.

Walking a little bit 汗banndari, the dress has faded!
It'll become more exposed body.

And so the "bottom" line comes to mind who is a must see Σ(° Д °)

Lecture constricted-making & pelvis correction stretch can do easily at home.
Please try it with self-care!

1st "beauty butt makeup thigh slimmer.
And write the whole thing quite long because the method A-C into the article, so let's every day!

The thing that this is A(^^)

★ method A [six-way twist]

①:In the Middle, upper back and forth hand up and down leg side to side dropped shoulder hand.

②:Vector images, while nejirimashou slowly. Below was the transparent belly. A little butt sticking out glorifying it so I feel and beautiful butt effect.

(3):Each go the opposite direction. By this movement in a respectful manner, will have a distortion on the left and right.

Like this!
Turn too fast and dangerous, so slowly down I've got to be vigilant of the belly!

* Stop have discomfort in the lower back.
Does not force(^-^)/

How about?
Next time I would like to introduce the method B, so please look forward to!

Fuji's straw(^^)

Acupoint pressing in on the happy faces!

It is Fujiwara of the beauty manipulator salon Clare style representative.(^-^)

These days, there are a lot of drinking parties, and there are a lot of tired faces because there are various things such as the term of term, employment, transfer, graduation, etc. in the season of March.(^_^;)

In that, i will introduce the point of the face that works on the tired face this time♪

The pressure point can not be made foolish unexpectedly, and it works considerably only because it was used for a long time in Oriental medicine.

If it is a woman pushing a point, it is beautiful, and if it is a man, it is a face that is sharp.(^^ Isuzu

★ first, let's self-diagnose what your face looks like♪

❶ swelling of one's face
I think everyone has had a face bite due to poor blood circulation, drinking, fatigue, etc. When you swell, your face line collapses, and your eyes look small.

❷ They have a generally poor complexion
The complexion tends to become bad on the day when sleep shortage and the morning when drinking too much. The rate of being worried about the physical condition from the people around them is also high.

❸ Your skin is dry ingcapi
The turn of the season from summer to autumn makes it easy for the skin to dry out. At this time of year when the skin is swaying, thorough moisturizing is the mast.

❹ Bear under the eye
Speaking of the representative case of tired face, "bear"
Whether or not you can hide the bear well, you can recover well.

❺ dullness of the eyelids
Because the skin is thin, the eyelid is the part which tends to pigmentation even with some friction. When it is dull, the tone up of the eyes is essential.

❻ Lip is a gassa
Even if you are careful about skin care, many people neglect to take care of their lips. Be careful not only to get tired, but also to have a filthy impression.

★ how it covers your tired face

❶ Dealing with swelling of the face with a pressure press
Even if the face is edema in the pan pan when it wakes up, if the face point which is effective for the blood flow promotion is stimulated, the waste product begins to flow smoothly.

Please refer to it because i put the position of the jar.(^-^)

Take good care of your face and be a crisp face♪

Fuji's straw(^-^)