Salon reopening♪

Cosmetic Surgery Salon [Claire Style]
It is Fujiwara of the owner / chiropable!

Salon reopened!!!

It's still coronal, but reservations have already been filled until September!
Thank you♪

When resuming, we will thoroughly follow the following!

・ Thorough hand washing of practitioners and customers
Thorough sterilization and disinfection of all equipment
Thorough ventilation and air purifiers
・ Thorough physical condition checks of practitioners and customers
Other measures as much as possible

Thank you in the future!

Owner Fujiwara


Cosmetic Surgery Salon 【Clare Style】
I'm Fujiwara, the owner/chiropractic.

It's a news!
Thank you very much for always booking this salon.

In response to the new coronavirus and the declaration of a state of emergency, it is suddenly, today 4/13(moon)I will be closed from.

Please note that the resumption time will be made on the first day of June so far or until the general public has ended the corona spread.

If you are a repeater, please go to your home etc. with the self-care introduced!

Both in the future, thank you!

Owner Fujiwara

Slimming! Making a draw

Cosmetic Surgery Salon [Claire Style]
I'm Fujiwara, the owner/chiropractician.(^-^)








Today's Salon!

Cosmetic Surgery Salon [Claire Style]
I'm Fujiwara, the owner/chiropractician.(^-^)

It is a blog post after a long time!

Speaking of recent times...
U.S. Business Trip Hollywood ActressEs Before The Academy Awards Beauty Treatment ...
Model's treatment in the back of a certain fashion show in Japan.

I was, etc! !

Of course, because it is normal business, we also firmly treat your customers!
We are waiting for your reservation♪

I closed a little early for the next event today and had a meeting.(^_^)

I'll start posting my blog again♪