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2021年7月28日 : About obon business

2021April 24 - : We will be closed due to a declaration of a state of emergency.

2020August 5, 2010 : Salon reopening♪

2020April 15, 2010 : Closed

2020March 15, 2010 : Slimming! Making a draw



There is such troubles await!

・ Those who want to become patchy and beautiful eyes
・ Those who want to clean their posture
・Those who are suffering from stiff shoulders and lower back pain
・Those who want to create constrictions
・ Those who can not get tired for some reason, those who are distracted from concentration
・ Those who want to become a body that suits swimsuits
・Those who are suffering from constipation, menstrual cramps, colds and starlings
・ Those who are lost only in the same shops
・ Those who could not feel the effect at other shops
・ Those who want to be beautiful for a special day
・ Those who want to improve performance such as golf and soccer
And Staff can speak English, so welcom the customer who only speak English