Aim for the asses!

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style boy designer Fujiwara(^^)

Friend gave birth recently, so this beautiful butt & production after care massage I will introduce.

♦ release the pelvic area! It's in the asses!?

Back pain, neck and shoulder tension cause tired butt around with surprising or even if it is a lot of you know?

"Gluteus medius muscle stiffness" is also said that the root of the pain. Both sides of the muscles and gluteus medius muscles "outside spread the legs" when over from the base of the legs to the hips.

Have trained in moderation is important between pelvic and hip muscles, loosen up tightly and cause hanging butt and distortion(^^;)

So become warped and fixate the gluteus medius muscle and lean the pelvis, so West and hip size is bigger now!

From poor blood circulation, resulting from the distortion of his private life and postpartum swelling around his waist so to disturb, cause of tiredness.

Make a fist and press the gluteus medius muscle area. Or I put on weight while rolling on the floor addressed to the gluteus medius muscle, tennis balls, golf balls, and it was extremely painful.

And tired gluteus medius muscle it just wont relax before sleeping area easily absorbed, so let's start!

The effect is distortion of the tiredness of lower back pain, hip pain, post-partum, swelling, etc.!

1... Press along the line of the image between hip and sacrum (a triangle in the center of the pelvic bone). Slowly press the gluteus medius and gluteus maximus muscles.

This strength is itâ feels good about is the best!
How was it? Please indicate how effect is either push even lying on the floor with his fist or fingertips, loosen up in a ball.

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