Acupoint pressing in on the happy faces!

It is Fujiwara of the beauty manipulator salon Clare style representative.(^-^)

These days, there are a lot of drinking parties, and there are a lot of tired faces because there are various things such as the term of term, employment, transfer, graduation, etc. in the season of March.(^_^;)

In that, i will introduce the point of the face that works on the tired face this time♪

The pressure point can not be made foolish unexpectedly, and it works considerably only because it was used for a long time in Oriental medicine.

If it is a woman pushing a point, it is beautiful, and if it is a man, it is a face that is sharp.(^^ Isuzu

★ first, let's self-diagnose what your face looks like♪

❶ swelling of one's face
I think everyone has had a face bite due to poor blood circulation, drinking, fatigue, etc. When you swell, your face line collapses, and your eyes look small.

❷ They have a generally poor complexion
The complexion tends to become bad on the day when sleep shortage and the morning when drinking too much. The rate of being worried about the physical condition from the people around them is also high.

❸ Your skin is dry ingcapi
The turn of the season from summer to autumn makes it easy for the skin to dry out. At this time of year when the skin is swaying, thorough moisturizing is the mast.

❹ Bear under the eye
Speaking of the representative case of tired face, "bear"
Whether or not you can hide the bear well, you can recover well.

❺ dullness of the eyelids
Because the skin is thin, the eyelid is the part which tends to pigmentation even with some friction. When it is dull, the tone up of the eyes is essential.

❻ Lip is a gassa
Even if you are careful about skin care, many people neglect to take care of their lips. Be careful not only to get tired, but also to have a filthy impression.

★ how it covers your tired face

❶ Dealing with swelling of the face with a pressure press
Even if the face is edema in the pan pan when it wakes up, if the face point which is effective for the blood flow promotion is stimulated, the waste product begins to flow smoothly.

Please refer to it because i put the position of the jar.(^-^)

Take good care of your face and be a crisp face♪

Fuji's straw(^-^)


It is Fujiwara of the beauty manipulator salon Clare style representative.(^^)




















Headaches, Dizzy better scalp massage

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara(^^)

It has gotten very cold! I think next month is the end this year, but toward the end of the year work is driving people?!

Therefore, we introduce head massage(Be: ')No

It is from human thinking and which muscles in his head or closed and tugged, and poor blood flow, causing headache, dizziness, etc!

Scalp massage!

To promote the flow of blood in arrears, the massage is very effective ♪ can transport nutrients to stimulate the blood circulation and is very recommended to hair loss prevention.

(1) from the top of the forehead to the back of the head acupressure

From the edge of the forehead and hairline to the top of the head from the top of the head and Shiatsu finger of both hands toward the edge of the neck and head, while we bled. I have an image to put hair!

By this time, a little soreness feels good about, press. Relieves the muscles loosen up massage and Shiatsu the whole head, with hardened.

(2) pressure behind the ear

While part of the back of the ear and acupressure with finger a little soreness feels good about rub up and down. Last side head above the ears, pulling at an angle.

How about??
By relaxing the muscles of the head, headaches and dizziness can, of course, alleviating stress!

Fuji's straw