・after care! Beware!

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara(^^)

It is a little dry today! Rather than ' me is life, life after the treatment of beware!

For example, say. The autonomic nervous system that recently I often listen to!

What can crusher, but say such a thing.

With signs such as manipulative and "autonomic nervous prepare' or you'll get any better, just by changing the postoperative care is often seen written, get treatment to professional without singling out my holiday!

All lifestyle tips from it.

Or rather, CORI also easing and practitioner, letting go of muscle, skin arterial sympathetic nerve down open blood vessels, improves blood flow, cardiac parasympathetic becomes dominant, the pollutants flow down both blood pressure and core body temperature,
To relaxed state.

So, of course, say so-called 'autonomic nervous system is ready"status.

But you also go back work. When I got home. I guess the usual environment!

Rising core body temperature blood pressure, cold hands and feet, hot brain breathe right and left, up shoulder, frustrating melancholy

It will be called "distorted autonomic nervous system" State!

So, be done only for the improvement of the temporary body, be useful for you in the true sense of wonder? And I do not(^^;)

Style and body worries, of course, or better, take the strain, I think!

During it, the sympathetic nervous system and the heart was higher than that in their decisions or, stretching and walking,

Several hundred million times, should know to cure yourself of their bodies, specifically to deal with appropriately have benefits for you!

Is that the body and shape memory at the wrong time, and long-awaited treatment later in life, and immediately go back to bad body.

So, for example. Treatment for first month,It is twice, month 1 time, 1 time every 3 months or more and more a good time to shape memory in the body.

Do not, however, always by a practitioner who sees customers! And care of your private life as soon as it is!

We also teach body we can on your own after the treatment and care, care of the autonomic nervous system.

Is that so good even when reminded in his private life, however, I still want you to care! We will of course improve in body and soul treatments.

Good luck together with collaborating with our customers, we have recovered more than anything else as a practitioner what is Isuzu(o be é ∀ ' o)No

Please your body care usually even longer, but!

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