Bath beauty habits

Beauty Health Salon Claire is representative of style body designer Fujiwara

And it was cold today!
Do you Dear it friends, good daily bath included?
Healthy and get into the bath and shower as well in the beauty we recommend that you want.

Thing before on ameba on the bath we have
Because it had a little free time, once again introduce

★ bath base, every day

I think it's almost into the bath because it is winter now, but
Basically find tight bathing even in summer! It is hot in summer, so you know I don't just shower

★ setting the temperature a little lower

The nerves and relaxes 39-40 ° C and is said
Are there no good too hot or lose strength to reverse and reverse skin is prone to dryness or nobosetari

★ If you want a relaxing stop bath

Unless the Detox, sitz baths, such as the purpose, avoid long baths.
Basically the relaxing effect is 15-20 minutes or so it is said

How about?

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